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Here's where I try to improve my visual design skills

#DailyUI 016: Here, I tried to imagine what it would be like if it was possible to have pop-up visualizations in bot conversations. Play with the prototype.

#DailyUI 004: I frequently type things like "USD147 to NGN" in Google and thought it would be great if there was an app that could do all sorts of conversions and accept conversational input

#DailyUI 014: The timer on my phone only lets you set hours and minutes, but not seconds. I need the seconds for my workouts though, so I added them here (even though it doesn't help in real life)

#Random: Redesigned the advertisers' dashboard for an in-car ad platform

#DailyUI 009: When I hear and like a new song, I go to to see the lyrics and sing along. If I had to have an ideal music player, this would be it.